OCR interpretation and manual control of invoices. Digitalize your invoice flow. PorDigital converts invoices to electronic documents straight to your system a�� ready for payment!


Our office in Sri Lanka offer high quality accounting services for an economical budget. We have built a solid foundation of competence over many years of doing outsourcing work for a wide range of industries


We offer cost efficient controller services.

Om ProOutsourcing.

ProOutsourcing is a part of the Exacta Corporation. The business model was first implemented in 2008, and we have been operating ever since. In 2013 we decided to run the business through ProOutsourcing AS, securing a better work flow.

We offer accounting- and electronic document management services that simplify your daily operations. We believe that many businesses pay an unnecessary amount for these tasks and that too much time of employees and managersa�� time is being spent on administrative work. Our concept is easy: We offer these services to predictable and competitive prices. We handle the administrative tasks while you can focus on your companya��s core business.

Our services are scalable and will suit small and medium, as well as large companies.

ProOutsourcinga��s major competitive advantage lies in our collaboration with our subsidiary in Sri Lanka a�� ProAccount Lanka. Because of this, we deliver high-quality work for reasonable prices. Our Oslo office simplifies communication as you can always contact our Norwegian employees.

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